Our Barman welcomes you

  • from Monday to Thursday from 4pm to 11pm
  • on Sunday from 6pm to 11pm

 and offer you its Swiss and foreign wines in a friendly atmosphere, his cocktail of the month and his small seasonal dishes menu.

Come and enjoy the main sports events on a giant TV screen and share a great moment of emotion and relaxation between friends.


Restauration de 16h00 à 18h30.
Snack from 4pm to 6:30pm
Croque-Monsieur (2 pièces)
Toasted ham and cheese sandwich
CHF 15.00
Avec un œuf sur le dessus
Topped with fried egg
CHF 18.00
Omelette nature
Plain omelet
CHF 12.00
Omelette fromage
Cheese omelet
CHF 15.00
Omelette jambon
Ham omelet
CHF 15.00
Salade de chèvre chaud - (entrée)
Goat cheese salad (starter)
CHF 11.00
Salade de chèvre chaud - (plat)
Goat cheese salad (main dish)
CHF 20.00
Salade Caesar - (entrée)
Mâche, tomates, croûtons, anchois, poulet
Letuce, tomatoes, croutons, anchovies, chicken
CHF 11.00
Salade Caesar - (plat)
Mâche, tomates, croûtons, anchois, poulet
Letuce, tomatoes, croutons, anchovies, chicken
CHF 20.00
Portion de frites
French fries
CHF 6.00
A partir de 18h30 et jusqu'à 22h00, nous vous proposons également
From 6:30 pm and till 10pm, we also suggest you
Salade verte
Green salad
CHF  5.00
Salade mixte
Mixed salad
CHF  7.00
Tortellini blancs aux 3 fromages
Three-cheese tortellini
CHF 20.00
Ravioli ricotta et épinards
Ricotta and spinach ravioli
CHF 20.00
Quésadillas fromages ou poulet
Quesadillas with cheese or chicken
CHF 20.00
Assiette de viande séchée
Plate of dried meat
CHF 20.00
Assiette de fromage
Plate of cheese
CHF 12.00
Assiette Anglaise
Jambon cuit, jambon cru, salami, terrine, salade et fromage
Selection of ham, salami, terrine, salad and cheese
CHF 23.00
Filet de poulet sauce crème, frites, salade
Slices of chiken in a white creamy sauce, french fries aud salad
CHF 25.00
Entrecôte de boeuf Simmental Suisse, frites, légumes
Beef Simmental rib, french fries, vegetables
CHF 37.00
Filets de perches du Leman et frites
(selon arrivage)
Filets of lake perch with french fries.
(according to delivery)
CHF 35.00
Pizza Végétarienne
Sauce tomate, mozzarella, légumes de saison, origan
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, seasonal vegetables, oregano
CHF 17.00
Pizza Marguerite
Sauce tomate, mozzarella, origan
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano 
CHF 15.00
Pizza Prosciuto
Sauce tomate, mozzarella, jambon, origan
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, oregano
CHF 18.00
Pizza du Barman
Sauce tomate, mozzarella, rucolla, jambon cru,
parmesan, tomate cerise, origan
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, rucolla, raw ham, parmesan,
cherry tomatoes, oregano.
CHF 25.00


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