The HOTEL MON REPOS and its «History»

The Hotel Mon Repos represents a family heritage directed by different generations…

A very brave and enterprising man is at the beginning of this history – Mr Charles SORGIUS – together with his wife Mrs Lina RIESEN bought the Hotel in 1928.

The start was difficult. At that time, the precarious means of transport did not help the Hotel Mon Repos. The train station far from the hotel was once the business centre. Since 1920, The International Labour Office settled there. The clients started to be rare. With determination, our great-grandfather decided to go and find himself the fututre clients at the Geneva train station, using a sign proposing the rent of «all confort» rooms !

When the second world war started in 1939, the economy was slower and only few soldiers were sleeping at the hotel. The solution to keep the hotel economy work was to manage all the tasks himself, together with his wife, always reliable.

Life came back to normal. The United Nations became bigger and different International Organisations settled in the area.

With passion and perseverance, our great grand-father fixed the situation and bought the buildings 133 and 127 next to the hotel, in order to improve the profits and the residence.

The passion for the swiss Hotel management was transmitted to the following generations: The married couple Max and Lydia Keller-Sorgius / The married couple Eric and Claire Keller.

These generations have developed, with the same desire and the daily unforeseen events, the perpetuity of this heritage.
We thank them, as the 4th « young» generation, that we represent, my sister and I, we have received a gift of which we respect the content.

THE SWISS HOTEL MANAGEMENT has a past… however, despite the age, the fashion, a principle remains unfailing…the welcoming, authentical and performing.

We wish you an excellent stay.

The Management of the Hotel Mon Repos
O.Keller & V. Keller

Monsieur Charles Sorgius - Hôtel Mon Repos Genève 1928
Mr. Charles Sorgius
Owner in 1928


Hôtel Mon Repos Genève en 1928

Hôtel Mon Repos Genève en 1928

Hôtel Mon Repos Genève en 1928

Hôtel Mon Repos Genève en 1928

Hotel Mon Repos Genève
131 rue de Lausanne
1202 Geneva-Switzerland

+41 22 909 39 09
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Geneva International Airport

from  Geneva Airport terminal to Mon Repos Hotel

from Geneva Cornavin station to Mon Repos Hotel

Mon Repos Hotel Geneva

It is opposite a beautiful park, near Geneva,our family hotel welcomes you in a warm and refined style.

You'll also quickly (and for free) to the many international organizations that revolve around the UN.

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Points of interest in Geneva

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Theatres in Geneva

With a variety in size, type and epoch the performance halls of Geneva provide a large spectrum of scenes able to satisfy everyone's tastes.

Movies in Geneva

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Three parks and the Leman shore at pedestrian walk from the Hotel Mon Repos


Mon Repos Park Geneva

At the end of  "Quai Wilson", this park with ancient trees houses the offices of the Department of green spaces.

Mon Repos park has neither refreshment nor restaurant. It is possible to have a drink or to eat not far away, at the  Perle du Lac, located Quai Wilson, or in the Pâquis district.

Park Landscape

The Mon Repos park has a series of beautiful trees sometimes centenarians, and a beautiful garden with Mediterranean plants. The Orangery erected on lake bank proposes  activities about nature organized by the association "Dragonfly".

Facing the lake stands a nineteenth century villa that now houses the Henry Dunant Institute. A small stoned pavilion built at the edge of the water, hosts the limnology institute which studies  physical and biological phenomena of lakes.
Park History
According to an account of the eighteenth century, the park was frequented by Casanova. Subsequently, the Mon Repos park was owned by Philippe Plantamour. This chemist and physicist made of Mon Repos  a cultural center and a reference garden for rare plants. The limnology Pavilion overlooking the lake commemorates his scientific works. At his death, the park was bequeathed to the City of Geneva.


Moynier Park

Located between the Mon Repos park and La Perle du Lac Park, the Moynier park was frequented by famous visitors.

It is possible to have a drink or to eat not far away at La Perle du Lac Park or in the cafeteria of the Institute of International Studies and Development at Barton Park. Also on the territory of the Mon Repos park is a recreation area for tourists and local residents. Their favorite place of visit is
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Park Landscape

Between La Perle du Lac Park and Mon Repos Park, on a land formerly owned by Moynier  is an elegant mansion occupied by the International Solidarity Fund of Cities against Poverty.

History of the Park

Over the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the house was the place of hostel Sécheron,  known for its famous guests such as Napoleon, Benjamin Constant, or Lord Byron.

In 1926, the Society of Nations purchased the villa  to raise its palace. Three years later, the Geneva authorities authorized the construction of the Palais des Nations in Ariana Park, in exchange of the usage of the Moynier park . The same year, Moynier park was open to the public .

La Perle du Lac Park

Located on the shore of the lake, La Perle du Lac Park is one of the richest tree-planted parks of Geneva.

Extension of Mon Repos park and park Moynier, this park is named after the wife of Rudolph Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex. Indeed, she would have exclaimed "This is the pearl of the lake" discovering the view that this idyllic place provides on the Geneva Lake.

Park Landscapet

Under the two-tier monumental fountain that adorns the top of the park, a huge richly flowered lawn slopes down to Lake Geneva (Leman). This place is called "the garden of the Pearl."

Other amenities

  • La Perle du Lac Restaurant
  • Bar at the Science Museum
  • Long chairs during summer

Villa Bartholoni

A beautiful Florentine style house overlooks the park. Built in 1829, this house was owned by François Bartholoni, founder of the Music Conservatory of Geneva. Since 1930, it houses the Museum of the History of Science. From 1901 to 1939, the villa  hosted an ethnographic museum. Today, the house is home of the Henry Dunant Institute.

Hotel Mon-Repos Geneva Switzerland
Hotel & residence

131, rue de Lausanne
1202 Geneva - Switzerland

Tél. +41 22 909 39 09 
Fax +41 22 909 39 93 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Below, a list of international organizations in Geneva.
Hotel Mon Repos Geneva practices special rates "on request" for members of international organizations or diplomatic missions in Geneva.


Advisory Center on WTO Law


European Free Trade Association


International Bureau of Education


International - Committee of Red Cross

ESCE - Court

Arbitration and Conciliation Court within the OSCE


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

GAVI Alliance

Global alliance for vaccines and immunization


International Organization for Migration


International Labour Organization


World Trade Organization


World Meteorological Organization


World Intellectual Property Organization


World Health Organization


United Nations Organization


United Nation Office at Geneva


Inter-Parlementary Union


International Telecommunication Union


International Union for Protection of New Varieties of Plants


Airports Council International


International Electro-technical Commission


International Air Transport Association


International Organization for Standardization


Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative


Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics


Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition


Medicines for Malaria Venture


Geneva International Center for Humanitarian De-mining


Médecins Sans Frontières


European Laboratory for Particles Physics



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