Mon Repos Hotel Geneva
131 rue de Lausanne
1202 Geneva - Switzerland 

On December 11th, a chocolate pot will be at the hotel reception. Our guest here this night who has estimated correctly the weight of this pot will win it!

For Historical Recall, we are in 1602 and Geneva is a rich and prosperous republic that attracts the convoitise of the savoyards. Charles-Emmanuel 1St, plans to make Geneva its capital to the north of the Alps and to fight le with the support of Pope Clement VIII, despite "a sworn and rejurée peace". thus the night of 11 As of 12 December 1602, one of the darkest of the year, a troop of 2000 soldiers came by surprise. Arriving at plainpalais the mercenaries climb the walls surrounding the city. This is why the commemoration bears the name of "climbing". the alarm is given at 4 by a shot by a sentry. The Clémence, bell of st. Peter's Cathedral, sounded the alarm, supported by all the bells of the monument.
Armed citizens courage and de come to defend the city alongside the guard of soldiers. All means are good to fight the enemy.
Many stories underline the courage of the mother kingdom, who ébouillante a savoyard of her soup pot. The Genevois are arming themselves with courage and winning victory. In his tribute, since 1881, chocolate cookers, decorated with the Geneva Patch, are sold and tasted each year at this time.
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